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6029 Morrow Street
Jacksonville, FL


Bathing Beauties

Love to smell fabulous and have amazing soft skin too?  Take time for you and enjoy these yummy and luxurious bath and body treats here for you!

Honey Heel Glaze

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heel glaze-Edit.jpg

Honey Heel Glaze


A silky, honey based moisturizing serum that we love to use after a warm bath or refreshing shower. When applied to your feet and heels it instantly soaks into the skin.

96% natural Paraben and sulfate free as well as Gluten free. To us it smells like mom or grandma baked a honey pumpkin pie. Great to put white cotton socks over and get a good nights rest. Wake up to hydrated softer,pretty looking feet. 

If your heels feel like concrete and look it too! You need this!

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