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Asian Beauty

The beautiful exotic faces and beauty rituals from women from around the world have always intrigued me. For years, I have been bringing these beauty trends from the Orient and packaged them in a fun Asian twist to the consumer. Now, Asian beauty brands and products are so in style. 

My husband says I am "Cholish" although I am an all American girl, my background is Chinese and Polish.  

Always ahead of my time... here are a few of my favorite exotic beauty gems I found in my travels just for you! Stay tuned lots more K beauty and Japanese beauty on the way too!

Check out our quarterly beauty boxes curated and created by me just for YOU!

Luscious Lips Gel Mask Treatment

Lucious Lips Gel Mask.jpg
Lucious Lips Gel Mask.jpg

Luscious Lips Gel Mask Treatment


Korean girls and women from other countries LOVE gel or paper masks. They offer many beauty benefits to different parts of the face and body. This is one of our favorites!

This Asian beauty is an intensive gel mask treatmentyou apply on a clean face and specifically made for the skin on and around your lips. Enriched with Shea butter,cranberry extract,jojoba oil and vitamin E. This treatment will make your lips less lined looking,hydrated and kissable.

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