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Asian Beauty

The beautiful exotic faces and beauty rituals from women from around the world have always intrigued me. For years, I have been bringing these beauty trends from the Orient and packaged them in a fun Asian twist to the consumer. Now, Asian beauty brands and products are so in style. 

My husband says I am "Cholish" although I am an all American girl, my background is Chinese and Polish.  

Always ahead of my time... here are a few of my favorite exotic beauty gems I found in my travels just for you! Stay tuned lots more K beauty and Japanese beauty on the way too!

Check out our quarterly beauty boxes curated and created by me just for YOU!

Asian Jade Face & Eye Roller

Asian Jade Roller for Face & Eyes.JPG
Asian Jade Roller for Face & Eyes.JPG

Asian Jade Face & Eye Roller


Asian Royalty used these in gold centuries ago.

They also used it in jade. Now you can too! This beauty tool is jade anti-aging therapy at its finest. Using the jade roller stimulates chi flow and tones your skin. It improves your skin’s elasticity and revitalizes your complexion with a glowing radiance. The smaller roller is for the eye area. Simply apply a small amount of our Young Eyes eye gel to the area and then use the roller in clockwise motions around the eyelid and under the eyes. 

A fountain of youth at your fingertips!

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