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6029 Morrow Street
Jacksonville, FL



We have so much eye candy for your eyes. Do you look tired and do your lines have you down? Perhaps they just need a lift. Explore our eye candy store!


Blinc Mascara


Blinc Mascara


This is the go to mascara many celebrities use! Blinc invented a technology breakthrough in mascara that tubes your lashes with color tubes not paints them like a conventional mascara. Does not smudge, clump, flake or run down your face. Even if you cry or rub those working on your computer eyes. Once applied,the tubes encase your lashes and stay there.Great for sensitive skin and people who wear contacts. Remove the tubes with lukewarm water and a warm washcloth. Allure magazine says "It is the best beauty product you've ever heard of"

Choose from: Black or Black/Brown

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