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6029 Morrow Street
Jacksonville, FL



We have so much eye candy for your eyes. Do you look tired and do your lines have you down? Perhaps they just need a lift. Explore our eye candy store!


WOW Brows & Lash Lover in one tube!

Wow Brows and Clear Mascara-Eyes by Lash Lift Primer.JPG
Wow Brows and Clear Mascara-Eyes by Lash Lift Primer.JPG

WOW Brows & Lash Lover in one tube!


Our tube and formula has had a makeover ! The clear, flake-free formula knows how to raise and tame unruly brows and enhance those lashes. Filled with nutrients that are good for your lashes and brows. This amazing formula fortifies from root to tip, giving them a healthy and lustrous finish. Bioactive benefits of lipo-oligopeptide, an active ingredient that penetrates brows and lashes to condition and thicken. You'll notice results in as little as two weeks.New Packaging will be in a chic black tube. 

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How-To Apply:

For brows, simply apply using short strokes beginning at your inner brow out to the outer edge, shaping as desired, then allow to dry.  Can be used by itself, or over brow pencil as a setting gel.  For lashes, apply starting at the base of the lid, using short, back and forth motions to coat lashes all the way to the tip.  Use on its own, or as a base for mascara for a lush look that lasts all day.