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6029 Morrow Street
Jacksonville, FL



Foundation comes in all types, shapes and sizes! It works magic but you don't need a lot. Noreen believes foundation is like icing on a cupcake. You have to blend it beautifully and with the right beauty tools. We want your skin to look gorgeous. If you can't decide which formula base to get. Let us help you decide. People usually buy more than one. they never want to be without! Don’t forget a pretty blush! A little bit of blush goes a long way and brightens your face.

Not Your Mother's Foundation

My Makeup Magic Wand.JPG
My Makeup Magic Wand.JPG

Not Your Mother's Foundation


By Irresistible Beauty

A tease of foundation in a light moisturizer. Can be used as your sporty foundation while doing outdoor activities or as your lazy girl base by day or night. Can be made lighter by adding more moisturizer to sheer it out. Easy to use and a little goes a long way. SPF 1

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