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Skin has never been more in!
Especially when it is healthy looking. If your skin is not looking the way you would like it to... Perhaps its time to try something fresh and new! Looking good takes a little effort girls and so worth it. 

They say "You are what you eat" and it is so true. Eating right ... with a little bit of a naughty is really best. All in balance and moderation darlings! 

I love to get glowing, use beauty from my kitchen, a local farmer's market, and make a few D.I.Y. beauty recipes and beauty potions on my own. I will share them in our beauty newsletter so sign up for them too.

Take care of your skin and your skin will take care of you.

Recipe for pretty skin starts from within.
I love to drink water but if you do not why not make a few floral (edible flowers) or fruit infused ice cubes, freeze and add them to your next glass of water. They are not only fun to make they are delicious, refreshing and good to look at.

In addition, when the weather is hot and you want to chill down and make your skin feel amazing. Take a plain ice cube and rub gently on your skin. Not your eye area but try on the face. It will tighten your pores and make your makeup glide on beautifully.




Perfect Day Rosewater Kisses

Perfect Day Rose Water Kisses.JPG
Perfect Day Rose Water Kisses.JPG

Perfect Day Rosewater Kisses


Enjoy using this aromatherapy face treat to soothe dehydrated skin, as a skin freshener on a cotton ball pad or spritz on the face,spray after you apply it to set your makeup and or spray to refresh your skin. Good for all skin types it smells diving like you walked through a garden of roses.

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