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Jacksonville, FL



Noreen thinks … “Lipstick is so SEXY!”

So many beautiful choices to adorn your lips. Your lips say so much without you saying a word. What do your lips say about you? 

Make your lips look and feel amazing with our pretty hues to paint your pout with. Whether you are a lipstick girl, glossy girl or balm girl. Put a lipstick in one hand and confidence in another…and conquer the world!



Noreen Young's Midnight Magic™ Lipstain


Noreen Young's Midnight Magic™ Lipstain


This lipstick looks like a midnight shade in the tube but once it kisses your lips it is a magical mystical hue. Working with your body heat it creates a gorgeous shade of YOU.

Shea butter moisturizes and aloe and vitamin E work their magic.

Bewitching, intriguing, and bodacious beautiful blackish plum hue. 

A kiss he won't be able to resist!

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Product Reviews

"Love, love, LOVE your new lipstick, Midnight Magic!  What a great name for this lipstick!  The black lipstick magically turns to a beautiful rich shade of fuchsia on me.  I love the creamy texture that doesn't dry out my lips.  Plus it is long lasting so I don't have to keep reapplying.  What a wonderful addition to your cosmetics line!"

Jackie F.