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Noreen thinks … “Lipstick is so SEXY!”

So many beautiful choices to adorn your lips. Your lips say so much without you saying a word. What do your lips say about you? 

Make your lips look and feel amazing with our pretty hues to paint your pout with. Whether you are a lipstick girl, glossy girl or balm girl. Put a lipstick in one hand and confidence in another…and conquer the world!



Double the Fun Lipstain Lipstick

Double The Fun-Lipstick.JPG
Double The Fun-Lipstick.JPG

Double the Fun Lipstain Lipstick


Inspired by my sisters who are twins this lipstick is a double-sided lipstain. This luscious lipstick glides smoothly on your lips and tints them with two different kinds of rosy healthy glows. Use the shades one at a time; try the matte shade first and then apply the soft shimmer shade and you will have a second look. Use the lipstain by applying down the center and you will have the best of both sides and get a third lipstick out of this one tube. Have fun girls!

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