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6029 Morrow Street
Jacksonville, FL



Noreen thinks … “Lipstick is so SEXY!”

So many beautiful choices to adorn your lips. Your lips say so much without you saying a word. What do your lips say about you? 

Make your lips look and feel amazing with our pretty hues to paint your pout with. Whether you are a lipstick girl, glossy girl or balm girl. Put a lipstick in one hand and confidence in another…and conquer the world!



Perfect Day Lipstick Base

Perfect Day Lipstick Base.JPG
Perfect Day Lipstick Base.JPG

Perfect Day Lipstick Base


This unique lipstick is used to prime your lips for color. It makes any color last longer and helps lipstick shade colors remain true. Smokers and happy smilers love it for it really helps the lipstick not feather and run outside the lip line. All you do is apply gently and place a thin coat of the base in place. Then apply your fave lipstick. IT really works!

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